Cycling Insights

quality bicycle


By: Adam Slough

When choosing the right bike there are several options to consider, the top five being:

  • Duration and frequency of riding: how far will you ride and how often
  • Usual riding surface: asphalt roads, off-road trails or dirt/gravel paths
  • Desired features: electronic power, hauling ability, versatility, comfort or speed
  • Handlebar style: upright, flat or drop
  • Your ‘why’ for riding: just for fun, fitness, road/speed biking, off-road/mountain biking

Once you’ve decided upon these options (and they most certainly can be mixed), it’s time to consider what you’re looking for in a bicycle. Today’s biking world is considerably different than when you were a kid. Biking technology has made vast strides in performance, design, materials and versatile options to satisfy a multitude of biking enthusiasts across all of the five considerations listed above.

If your last bike purchase was a dirt bike or the common neighborhood 10-speed, then pricing is probably the first change you’ll notice, but there are several reasons why that should not deter you from a high quality purchase.

  • Biking is more than just owning a piece of equipment–it’s all about the outdoor experience and having fun, however that is defined for you.
  • Today’s bikes are built to last…a really. Long. Time. We select brands designed with durability and longevity in mind, most of which offer a lifetime guarantee on the frame and a year on the components.
  • Quality models ensure you will have an optimal overall biking experience meaning you will be encouraged to ride again and again for years to come.
  • Investing in a well-built bicycle brand guarantees dependability and safety with less need for maintenance and repairs, keeping you moving down the road, path and/or trail.

Choosing a high quality bike can be a life changing and life-lasting experience. Our wide selection of functional bike brands provide the best possible riding experience with top performance components, allowing you to push yourself all while enjoying the ride.

Simply put, life is better with a bike…trust us, we know!