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ULTRA-ENDURANCE / FAT BIKE RACING / SINGLETRACK Great for your local mountain bike loop or adventurous commutes, this fat boy is great on snow, loose sand or a twisty single track!

What is Your Name: Beargrease GX by Salsa Cycles

What is Your Motto: I’m not fat, I’m just thick-tired.

Who Are You Best Suited For: Everyone...I’m a bike of the people, for all the people.

Where Can You Ride: Snow, sand or trail, my big, 4.5" stable tires have superior traction to let you cruise anywhere, anytime.

What Else Should I Know About You: I love skiing in the winter snow and cruising in the summer. My tires may be fat, but my carbon frame is lightweight and corrosion deterrent.

Where Can I Find You: Does a bear…well, y’know….kidding, I’m relaxing at Mountain Man Sports, Toledo. (but I can go in the woods too)